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What is a Home Restaurant?

A Home Restaurant is the chance for anyone who likes to cook to turn their home and their kitchen into a restaurant, opening occasionally for friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers (travellers above all), who will be able to sample the original dishes of the places they go to regularly or during a trip.

The trend started in 2006, with New York’s guerrilla restaurants, then in 2009 it also caught on in the UK. Thanks to social networks the trend spread like wildfire and gave rise to the New York Supper Clubs, mainly in Cuban homes, and Home Restaurants. When cooking is a passion it can grow into an authentic business, as long as the laws of each country are complied with.

Home Restaurants are an added value when exploring a place, because the typical recipes are made with local products by people, who become chefs for the occasion, offering in their own homes these occasions to meet, swap ideas, and sample lots and lots of quality in the fullest respect of tradition.